Manager Table

The Manager Table is not directly used by the VTEP; it is used to keep track of the configured and runtime state of the connections used to connect the OVSDB server in ExtremeXOS to an external OVSDB client (for example, an NVC).

Any connections configured using the ExtremeXOS command (configure ovsdb schema [hardware_vtep] [add | delete] connection client [tcp | ssl] ipaddress remote_ip {port remote_port} ) are added to the Manager table. Connections deleted using this ExtremeXOS command are removed from the Manager table.

In addition to maintaining these connections in the Manager table of the hardware_vtep schema, OVSDB maintains the connections configured using ExtremeXOS CLI in the ExtremeXOS configuration datastore (the ExtremeXOS configuration file). The Manager table of the hardware_vtep schema is refreshed with these CLI-configured OVSDB connections whenever OVSDB is enabled.

Once an OVSDB connection is established with an OVSDB controller, that OVSDB controller can add new connections to the Manager table or delete existing connections. The OVSDB-SERVER embedded within ExtremeXOS honors these add and delete operations and consequently initiates or drops connections to those controllers.

The list of connections configured in ExtremeXOS and those present in the Manager table can be seen by using the command show ovsdb schema hardware_vtep. To see the contents of the Manager table only, use the command show ovsdb schema hardware_vtep table manager.

The contents of the hardware_vtep schema persists across changes of active ExtremeXOS configurations (use configuration [primary | secondary | file_name] ). As the Manager table might not be empty, this can result in ExtremeXOS continuing to be managed by external OVSDB controller. It is recommended that contents of the Manager table be verified whenever the active ExtremeXOS configuration is changed, and if needed, the Manager table be emptied by deleting all OVSDB connections using the command: configure ovsdb schema hardware_vtep delete connection all.

Number of Records in the Table: Many. Multiple records containing the fields described below can exist in this table; there is one record for each OVSDB connection.


Field R/W by ExtremeXOS R/W by NVC Notes
target W W String specifying the OVSDB connection (for example: TCP: Each record in this table must have a unique value for this field.
For information about all other fields in the Manager table, see the Hardware VTEP Schema, Version 1.3 specification.