Physical_Port Table

The Physical_Port Table contains the physical ports used for tenant access traffic (not VXLAN-encapsulated).

Number of Records in the Table: Many. Multiple records containing the fields described below can exist in this table; there is one record for each physical port in the switch that can be used for access traffic.

Field R/W by ExtremeXOS R/W by NVC Notes
vlan_bindings R W Set of (802.1Q VLAN ID -> UUID of Logical_Switch) mappings.
vlan_stats W R Set of (802.1Q VLAN ID -> UUID of Logical_Binding_Stats) mappings.
name W R String of format “slot:port”; for standalone devices; the format is “port” only.
description W R String, same as description of the port as configured in CLI .
port_fault_status W R Map of errors that have been encountered on this Physical_Port. ExtremeXOS does not populate this field.


  • This table is the set of all ports indexed in the Physical_Switch table.
  • Only those ports that are not explicitly associated with any VR are published in this table. In order to remove a port from a VR use the command configure vr vr-name delete ports port_list .
  • Adding new vlan_binding can result in creation of a new dynamic VLAN and Virtual-Network in ExtremeXOS. This VLAN is named OVSL_<UUID of Logical_Switch>; the virtual-network is named OVSN_<UUID of Logical_Switch>.
  • Only VLAN ID in the range 0–4094 can be specified; VLAN ID 4095 cannot be specified.