Verifying the EAPS Configuration and Status

The command in the following example allows you to verify that the EAPS (Extreme Automatic Protection Switching) configuration is correct and that the EAPS state is Links-Up.

Both ring ports must be plugged in to see the Links-Up state.

* Edge-Switch#1:17 # show eaps e1-domain detail
Name: "e1-domain" (instance=0) Priority: High
State: Links-Up                Running: Yes
Enabled: Yes                   Mode: Transit
Primary port:   49            Port status: Up         Tag status: Tagged
Secondary port: 50            Port status: Up         Tag status: Tagged
Hello Timer interval: 1 sec  0  millisec
Fail Timer interval: 3 sec
Preforwarding Timer interval: 0 sec
Last valid EAPS update: From Master Id 00:04:96:10:51:50, at Sun Sep 5 23:20:10 2004
EAPS Domain has following Controller Vlan:
Vlan Name                    VID
"control-1"                  4000
EAPS Domain has following Protected Vlan(s):
Vlan Name                    VID
"purple-1"                   0001
Number of Protected Vlans: 1