Broadcast UDP Packet Forwarding

UDP Forwarding is a flexible and generalized routing utility for handling the directed forwarding of broadcast UDP packets. UDP Forwarding enables you to configure your switch so that inbound broadcast UDP packets on a VLAN are forwarded to a particular destination IP address or VLAN. UDP Forwarding allows applications, such as multiple DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) relay services from differing sets of VLANs, to be directed to different DHCP servers.

The following rules apply to UDP broadcast packets handled by this feature:

If UDP Forwarding is used for BOOTP or DHCP forwarding purposes, do not configure or use the existing bootprelay function. However, if the previous bootprelay functions are adequate, you may continue to use them.



When using udp-profile to forward dhcp request, the behavior will be different from bootprelay. Where bootprelay will forward the dhcp packet with the client vlan IP as source IP, udp-profile will forward the dhcp packet with the source IP of the egress vlan towards the destination server.

UDP Forwarding only works across a Layer 3 boundary and currently, UDP Forwarding can be applied to IPv4 packets only, not to IPv6 packets.