Multicast Routing and Switching

This chapter introduces the features and usage of IP multicasting, which allows a single host on a network to send a packet to a group of hosts. For more information on IP multicasting, refer to the following publications:
  • RFC 1112—Host Extension for IP Multicasting
  • RFC 2236—Internet Group Management Protocol, Version 2
  • RFC 3569—SSM for IPv4/IPv6 (only for IPv4)
  • PIM-SM Version 2—draft-ietf-pim-sm--v2-new-05
  • RFC 4601—PIM SM (only for IPv4)
  • RFC 2362 PIM-SM (Edge Mode)
  • RFC 3973 PIM-DM (only for IPv4)
  • RFC 3569—draft-ietf-ssm-arch-06.txt PIM-SSM PIM Source Specific Multicast
  • PIM-DM Draft IETF Dense Mode—draft-ieft-idmr-pimdm-05.txt, draft-ieft-pim-dm-new-v2-04.txt
  • RFC 3376—Internet Group Management Protocol, Version 3

The following URL points to the website for the IETF PIM Working Group: