General Guidelines

The following general guidelines are applicable to the login page:

  • When the custom web page is not present on the switch, the system falls back to the using the default banner. The web page may be added (or removed) from the switch at any time, at which point the switch will stop (or start) using the banner.
  • The graphical image file names referenced in the web page must not have any path information prepended.
  • Both uppercase and lowercase names (or a mixture) for the graphical image filenames are supported, but the user and password tag names should be either all uppercase or all lowercase, not a mixture of the two.
  • More than one form may exist on the page. This can be useful when, for example, in addition to the main username and password that is typed in by the user, an additional special username and password needs to be auto-filled and sent. This could be used when end users without a valid username or password need to be given restricted access to the network.