Setting Default VLAN for Policy Role

A default VLAN can be configured for a policy role. A default VLAN will only be used when either a VLAN is not specifically assigned by a classification rule or all policy role classification rules are missed. To configure a default VLAN, enable pvid-status and specify the port VLAN to be used. pvid-status is disabled by default.


ExtremeXOS supports the assignment of port VLAN-IDs 1 - 4094. Use of VLAN ID 4094 is supported by stackable and standalone devices. VLAN-IDs 0 and 4095 can not be assigned as port VLAN-IDs, but do have special meanings within a policy context and can be assigned to the pvid parameter. Within a policy context:
  • 0 - Specifies an explicit deny all VLANs
  • 4095 - Specifies an explicit permit all VLANs