Precedence of Traffic Groups

The ExtremeXOS software allows you to define multiple traffic groups, and you can configure traffic groups in such a way that multiple traffic groups apply to an ingress frame or packet. When an ingress frame or packet matches two or more traffic groups, the software chooses one traffic group based on the precedence defined for the switch platform. In general, the more specific traffic group definition takes precedence. The following table shows the traffic group precedence for the supported switch platforms (number 1 is the highest precedence).


Beginning in ExtremeXOS 16.1, the port, VLAN and DiffServ-based traffic groups will only work if 802.1p examination is disabled.
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Traffic Group Precedence

SummitStack and Summit Family Switches
  1. ACL (Access Control List)-based traffic groups for IP packets (specifies IP address information)
  2. ACL-based traffic groups for Ethernet frames (specifies MAC address information)
  3. CoS (Class of Service) 802.1p-based traffic groups
  4. Port-based traffic groups
  5. VLAN-based traffic groups
  6. DiffServ-based traffic groups