RIPng Overview

RIPng (Routing Information Protocol Next Genreation) is an interior gateway protocol (IGP) developed for IPv6 networks.

The analogous protocol used in IPv4 networks is called RIP (Routing Information Protocol). Like RIP, RIPng is a relatively simple protocol for the communication of routing information among routers. Many concepts and features of RIPng are directly parallel to those same features in RIP.

RIPng is a distance-vector protocol, based on the Bellman-Ford (or distance-vector) algorithm. The distance-vector algorithm has been in use for many years and is widely deployed and understood. The other common IGPs for IPv6 are Open Shortest Path First version 3 and Intermediate System-Intermediate System (IS-IS), which are link-state protocols.



RIPng can be enabled on a VLAN with either OSPFv3 or IS-IS. OSPFv3 and ISIS cannot be enabled on the same VLAN.