STP and Network Login

STP and network login can be enabled on the same port. This feature can be used to prevent loops while providing redundancy and security on aggregated as well as end switches.



You should be aware that an STP topology change will affect the network login clients. See STP Rules and Restrictions for further information.

The following figure shows STP and network login enabled on ports 2 and 3 of Switch 2 and Switch 3 for a typical aggregation scenario.

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STP and Network Login Enabled

This relieves the administrator from having to configure network login on all the edge ports. All the traffic can be monitored and resiliency is provided at the aggregation side.

The Traffic Monitoring on the Edge Side shows a typical scenario for protecting loops and monitoring traffic on the edge side.

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Traffic Monitoring on the Edge Side

In huge networks, it is not easy to control or prevent end users from connecting devices other than workstations to the edge ports. This feature helps prevent the network loops that occur when end users connect a switch or hub to the existing edge port in order to increase the number of end user ports.