Specifying the Carrier VLAN

The following example:

  • Creates and enables an STPD (Spanning Tree Domain) named s8.

  • Creates a carrier VLAN named v5.

  • Assigns VLAN v5 to STPD s8.

  • Creates the same tag ID for the VLAN and the STPD (the carrier VLAN‘s ID must be identical to the STPD‘s ID).

create vlan v5
configure vlan v5 tag 100
configure vlan v5 add ports 1:1-1:20 tagged
create stpd s8
configure stpd s8 add vlan v5 ports all emistp
configure stpd s8 tag 100
enable stpd s8

Notice how the tag number for the VLAN v5 (100) is identical to the tag for STPD s8. By using identical tags, you have selected the carrier VLAN. The carrier VLAN's ID is now identical to the STPD's ID.