Limitations of PTP

The following are the limitations of the current implementation of PTP:
  • Layer 2 transport is not supported.
  • IPv6-UDP transport is not supported.
  • Multicast event messages are not supported.
  • One-step timestamp functionality is not supported on 1G Fiber ports, 10G ports on CSR switches, and stacking ports.
  • Peer-to-peer delay mechanism is not supported.
  • PTP datasets are not maintained for end-to-end transparent clocks.
  • Domain number cannot be assigned to end-to-end transparent clocks.
  • Boundary clock does not support synchronizing clocks across multiple domains.
  • Distributing clock frequency recovered from SyncE or from BITS or from a TDM port over PTP is not supported.
  • Ordinary clock master (Grandmaster) mode is not supported.
  • Synchronizing system time with the time recovered from PTP event messages is not supported.
  • Time of Day (ToD) output and inputs are not supported.
  • Unicast message negotiation on clock ports is not supported.
  • PTP cannot be used if network clock source is configured as BITS.