Resilient Hashing

Resilient hashing is a hardware-based capability supported on Summit X670-G2 and X770 series switches and stacks that contains Summit X670-G2 and X770 series switches. Resilient hashing minimizes the remapping of flows to aggregator member ports during aggregator member changes. Resilient hashing incorporates a resilient hashing engine to associate flows with physical ports. In the case of link failure, only the affected flows are redistributed uniformly across the remaining good physical links. Flows originally using the good links remain unaffected and are not reassigned to a new link.

LAG (Link Aggregation Group) distribution depends on the number of flows, the number of ports in each LAG, and traffic pattern specifics. For incrementing packet fields, resilient hashing can result in less even distribution than without resilient hashing.

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Resilient Hashing During Link Failure