Displaying Port Information

You can display summary port configuration information. The following commands display summary port configuration information:

show ports {mgmt | port_list | tag tag} configuration {no-refresh}

show port {mgmt | port_list | tag tag} information {detail}

The show ports configuration command shows either summary configuration information on all the ports, or more detailed configuration information on specific ports. If you specify the no-refresh parameter, the system displays a snapshot of the data at the time you issue the command.

The show ports information command shows you either summary information on all the ports, or more detailed information on specific ports. The output from the command differs very slightly depending on the platform you are using.

To display real-time port utilization information, use the following command:
show ports {mgmt | port_list | tag tag | stack-ports stacking-port_list} utilization {bandwidth | bytes | packet}
When you use a parameter (packets, bytes, or bandwidth) with the above command, the display for the specified type shows a snapshot per port when you issue the command.