Upgrading the Firmware (ExtremeSwitching X440-G2 and X620 Series Switches Only)

Firmware images are bundled with ExtremeXOS software images. The bundled firmware images include system FPGA and PLD images. When you download and install a new version of ExtremeXOS, ExtremeXOS automatically compares the existing firmware image against the firmware images bundled with the ExtremeXOS image.

After a firmware image upgrade, messages are sent to the log.

  1. To install the firmware bundled with the ExtremeXOS image, use the install firmware {force} {slot slot-number} command.

    If the bundled firmware image is newer than the existing firmware image, the switch prompts you to confirm the upgrade.

  2. At the prompt:
    • Type y to upgrade the firmware.
    • Type n to cancel the firmware upgrade for the specified hardware, and continue scanning for other hardware that needs to be upgraded.
  3. Press Enter to cancel the upgrade.
    During the firmware upgrade, the switch also prompts you to save your configuration changes to the current, active configuration.
  4. To save your configuration changes to the current, active configuration, type y or to discard your changes, type n.
    The new firmware overwrites the older version.
You must reboot the switch to load the newly installed firmware. However, you do not need to do this immediately after a firmware upgrade. Use the reboot command to reboot the switch and activate the new firmware. During the firmware upgrade, do not turn off or disrupt the power to the switch. If power is lost, the firmware may be corrupted and need to be recovered. ExtremeXOS automatically attempts to recover corrupted firmware; however, in some situations user intervention is required.