License Mismatch

A stack might have a failed node even though the show licenses command shows that all nodes are running the same license and/or feature packs.

To fix a license mismatch, do the following:

  1. At the master node's console, enter show slot slot_number repeatedly until you find the slot node that is failing.


    When you are creating a stack, a blinking orange MGMT light usually indicates a license mistmatch on a master-capable standby node.
  2. Enter unconfigure stacking at the master node to unconfigure the stack.
  3. After making a connection to the failed switch's slot, update the license information for that node:
    1. Enter clear license-info
    2. Enter reboot
    3. Obtain the correct license information for the failed switch, then enter # enable license license_key (where license_key has the format xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx)
      For more information about licensing for stack nodes, see Managing Licenses on a Stack.
  4. Enter show stacking and enable stacking to re-enable the stack.


    Before EXOS version 12.5, all switches in the stack had to have the upgrade/feature license installed. After EXOS version 12.5, only the first two switches in the stack (the master and master-capable standby) must have the upgrade/feature license installed..