Viewing Switch Licenses and License Restrictions

  1. To view the current license information for a node, log into that node and enter the show licenses command.
    The command display is similar to the following:
    Slot-1 Stack.1 # show licenses
    Enabled License Level:
    Advanced Edge
    Enabled Feature Packs:
    Effective License Level:
    Advanced Edge
    Slot-1 Stack.2 #

    The Enabled License Level is the purchased license level. This is the maximum level at which this node can operate without purchasing a license level upgrade.

    The Effective License Level is the operating license level. If a license level restriction is configured for this node, the effective license level may be lower than the enabled license level. All master-capable switches must be operated at the same effective license level.

  2. On the master node, run show stacking configuration to view the license level restrictions configured for all nodes in a stack.
    Slot-1 Stack.33 # show stacking configuration
    Stack MAC in use: 02:04:96:26:60:DD
    Node               Slot         Alternate          Alternate
    MAC Address        Cfg Cur Prio Mgmt IP / Mask     Gateway         Flags     Lic
    ------------------ --- --- ---- ------------------ --------------- --------- ---
    *00:04:96:26:60:DD 1   1   Auto   CcEeMm--- Aa
    00:04:96:26:60:EE 2   2   Auto   CcEeMm--- Aa
    00:04:96:26:60:FF 3   3   Auto   --EeMm--- Aa
    00:04:96:26:60:AA 4   4   Auto   --EeMm--- Aa
    00:04:96:26:60:88 5   5   Auto   --EeMm--- Aa
    00:04:96:26:60:99 6   6   Auto   --EeMm--- Aa
    00:04:96:26:60:BB 7   7   Auto   --EeMm--- Aa
    00:04:96:26:60:CC 8   8   Auto   --EeMm--- Aa
    * - Indicates this node
    Flags:  (C) master-Capable in use, (c) master-capable is configured,
    (E) Stacking is currently Enabled, (e) Stacking is configured Enabled,
    (M) Stack MAC in use, (m) Stack MACs configured and in use are the same,
    (N)  Stack link protocol Enhanced in use, (n) Stack link protocol Enhanced configured,
    (i) Stack MACs configured and in use are not the same or unknown,
    (-) Not in use or not configured
    License level restrictions: (C) Core, (A) Advanced edge, or (E) Edge in use,
    (c) Core, (a) Advanced edge, or (e) Edge configured,
    (-) Not in use or not configured
License level restrictions appear in the Lic column. The license level restriction in use appears first, represented by a capital letter as shown in the display legend. The configured license level restriction appears second, represented by a lower-case letter. When the letters in the Lic column are different, for example Ae, the node is configured with a different license level restriction than the one that is currently in use.

To put the configured license level restriction into effect, you must reboot the node.