Proactive Tech Support

Proactive tech support functionality allows you to collect system information when support is required. System information is pushed into a cloud-hosted collector where the Extreme TAC can use it to identify problems to provide solutions. Proactive Tech Support provides the following functionality:
  • Proactive tech support is implemented as a loadable application, called techSupport.xmod. The XMOD is bundled with EXOS image packages, but can also be upgraded independently at any time without restarting the switch.
  • Proactive tech support allows the switch to proactively collect switch status and send the status report to up to four cloud-hosted collectors.
  • Proactive tech support allows both automatic and manual status report.
  • Proactive tech support allows each collector to have different report data set, report frequency, or report mode. A default collector is configured automatically to minimize the configuration required to enable the feature.


  • Proactive tech support uses SSL to secure the switch information transmission on the Internet. If the feature is not enabled, the switch information is transmitted as clear text.
  • XMOD applications can be dynamically upgraded without restarting the switch . But the upgraded XMOD version needs to match the installed ExtremeXOS version.