Dynamic ExtremeXOS Objects

Based on the configuration received from the OVSDB controller, the OVSDB process in ExtremeXOS creates and deletes dynamic objects within ExtremeXOS. These are:
  • VLAN – OVSDB created VLAN are prefixed with OVSL_
  • Virtual-Networks – OVSDB created Virtual-Networks are prefixed with OVSN_
  • RTEP, FDB (forwarding database), BFD sessions
While most regular ExtremeXOS commands can used to see these dynamically created objects (e.g. show vlan), these dynamic objects cannot be manipulated (deleted, modified) using the relevant configure commands. Modifications of these objects can only be done by sending relevant OVSDB operations from the controller. These dynamic objects are not saved to persistent ExtremeXOS configuration file (CFG file) and are not shown as part of the show configuration command.