Logical_Switch to Port Bindings

Dynamic VLAN and virtual-network corresponding to a logical_switch are created in ExtremeXOS only when the first valid port is bound to that logical_switch by the OVSDB controller. These dynamic VLAN and virtual-network are deleted when the last valid port binding is deleted by the OVSDB controller.

ExtremeXOS supports one VNI to one VLAN mapping. In other words, all ports bound to logical_switch must have the same VLAN tag or be untagged. If the controller pushes multiple tags for a logical_switch, the ports with conflicting tags are not bound to the dynamically created VLAN.

As an example, let's say the controller creates a logical_switch LS_100 with VNI 200. It then binds this logical_switch to port 1, tag 400. As a result of this, a VLAN with tag 400 corresponding to this logical_switch is created in ExtremeXOS and port 1, tagged is bound to this VLAN. If the controller now binds port 2, untagged to this logical_switch, then the dynamic VLAN gets updated and ends up having two ports: port 1, tagged; and port 2, untagged.

If the controller now sends a binding for port 3, tag 500, this binding is rejected and the dynamic VLAN is not updated.