Adding and Deleting Routing Protocols

When a user VR is created, no resources are allocated for routing protocols. You must add the routing protocols needed for your VR before you attempt to configure them. The maximum number of protocols supported is 64.

This provides for the following protocols:

When you add a protocol to a user VR, the software starts a process to support the protocol, but it does not enable that protocol. After you add a protocol to a user VR, you must specifically enable and configure that protocol before it starts.

When you add a protocol to a VRF, a protocol process is started in the parent VR (if it is not already started) and a protocol instance is created inside that process for this VRF.



You must add, configure, and enable a protocol for a VR before you start unicast or multicast forwarding on the VR and before you configure any features (such as VLANs) to use the VR.