Structure of this Guide

This guide documents each ExtremeXOS command.

Related commands are grouped together and organized into chapters based on their most common usage. The chapters reflect the organization of the ExtremeXOS User Guide. If a specific command is relevant to a wide variety of functions and could be included in a number of different chapters, we have attempted to place the command in the most logical chapter. Within each chapter, commands appear in alphabetical order.

For each command, the following information is provided:
  • Command Syntax—The actual syntax of the command. The syntax conventions (the use of braces, for example) are defined in the section Understanding the Command Syntax.
  • Description—A brief (one sentence) summary of what the command does.
  • Syntax Description—The definition of any keywords and options used in the command.
  • Default—The defaults, if any, for this command. The default can be the default action of the command if optional arguments are not provided, or it can be the default state of the switch (such as for an enable/disable command).
  • Usage Guidelines—Information to help you use the command. This may include prerequisites, prohibitions, and related commands, as well as other information.
  • Example—Examples of the command usage, including output, if relevant.
  • History—The version of ExtremeXOS in which the command was introduced, and version(s) where it was modified, if appropriate.
  • Platform Availability—Platforms on which the command is available.