Software Required

The tables in this section describe the software version required for each switch that runs ExtremeXOS software.



The features available on each switch are determined by the installed feature license and optional feature packs. For more information, see the Feature License Requirements document.

The following table lists the Summit family switches that run ExtremeXOS software and the minimum ExtremeXOS software version required.

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Summit Family Switches and Required Software

Switch Series Switches Minimum ExtremeXOS Software Version

Summit X440-G2 Series

Summit X440-G2-24t-10GE4

Summit X440-G2-24t-10GE4-DC

Summit X440-G2-24p-10GE4

Summit X440-G2-48t-GE4

Summit X440-G2-48t-GE4-DC

Summit X440-G2-48p-10GE4

Summit X440-G2-12t-10GE4

Summit X440-G2-12p-10GE4

Summit X440-G2-24x-10GE4

Summit X440-G2-24fx-GE4

Summit X440-G2-12t8fx-GE4

Summit X440-G2-24t-GE4

ExtremeXOS 21.1
Summit X450-G2 Series Summit X450-G2-24t-10GE4, Summit X450-G2-24p-10GE4, Summit X450-G2-48t-10GE4, Summit X450-G2-48p-10GE4, Summit X450-G2-24t-GE4, Summit X450-G2-24p-GE4, Summit X450-G2-48t-GE4, Summit X450-G2-48p-GE4 ExtremeXOS 16.1
Summit X460-G2 Series

Summit X460-G2-24t-10GE4

Summit X460-G2-48t-10GE4

Summit X460-G2-24p-10GE4

Summit X460-G2-48p-10GE4

Summit X460-G2-24x-10GE4

Summit X460-G2-48x-10GE4

Summit X460-G2-24t-10GE4

Summit X460-G2-24t-GE4

Summit X460-G2-48t-GE4

Summit X460-G2-24p-GE4

Summit X460-G2-48p-GE4

ExtremeXOS 15.6
Summit X620 Series Summit X620-10X

Summit X620-8t-2x

Summit X620-16x

Summit X620-16T

ExtremeXOS 21.1
Summit X670-G2 Series

Summit X670-G2-48x-4q

Summit X670-G2-72x

ExtremeXOS 15.6
Summit X770 Summit X770-32 ExtremeXOS 15.4
SummitStack Summit family of switches ExtremeXOS 12.0

A SummitStack is a combination of up to eight Summit family switches that are connected together.