configure esrp mode

configure esrp mode [extended | standard]


Configures the mode of operation for ESRP on the switch.

Syntax Description

extended Specifies ESRP extended mode. This mode is compatible with devices running ExtremeXOS and is not backward compatible with devices running ExtremeWare.
standard Specifies ESRP standard mode. This mode is backward compatible with devices running ExtremeWare.


The default mode is extended.

Usage Guidelines

Use standard ESRP if your network contains a combination of switches running ExtremeXOS and ExtremeWare participating in ESRP. With standard ESRP, the switches running ExtremeXOS are backward compatible with the switches running ExtremeWare.

Use extended ESRP if your network contains switches running only ExtremeXOS; this is the default.

If your network has switches currently running ExtremeWare, and you add a BlackDiamond 8800 series switch, SummitStack, or a Summit family switch running ExtremeXOS, select standard ESRP. By selecting standard, the switch running ExtremeXOS is backward compatible with the ExtremeWare implementation of ESRP.

If you use the default mode—extended—and your ESRP domain contains a switch running ExtremeXOS that detects a neighbor switch running ExtremeWare, the mode automatically changes to standard for that domain. This action causes the switch to enter the neutral state and re-elect the ESRP master. Since you are using the default mode of operation, and the switch running ExtremeXOS detected a neighbor switch running ExtremeWare, the ExtremeXOS switch toggles to standard mode although the configured mode of operation remains as extended.



ExtremeWare switches forward only those ESRP hello messages that apply to the ESRP group to which the switch belongs. ExtremeWare switches do not forward ESRP hello messages for other ESRP groups in the same VLAN. This limitation does not apply to ExtremeXOS switches operating in standard mode.


The following command configures ESRP to run in standard mode:

configure esrp mode standard


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 11.0.

Platform Availability

This command is available on all platforms.