configure inline-power detection slot

configure inline-power detection [802.3af-only | legacy-and-802.3af] slot slotnum


This command configures PoE device detection mode for BlackDiamond 8K series. BlackDiamond 8K platforms support per-slot basis configuration.

Syntax Description

802.3af-only IEEE 802.3af detection only.
legacy-and-802.3af Capacitive and IEEE 802.3aqf detection.
slotnum Slot number.



Usage Guidelines



BD-8806.4 # show inline-power
                 Inline Power System Information
Configured                 : Enabled
System Power Surplus       :  244 Watts available for budgeting
Redundant Power *SHORTFALL*:  345 Watts over budget to maintain N+1
Power Usage Threshold      : 70 percent (per slot)
Disconnect Precedence      : deny-port                                      
                                      Budgeted       Measured
Slot  Inline-Power  Firmware Status   Power (Watts)  Power (Watts)   Detection
1     Enabled       Operational          50 W           0 W           legacy-and-802.3af


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 16.1.

Platform Availability

This command is available on all BlackDiamond 8K Series platforms.