configure ospfv3 area add range

configure ospfv3 area area_identifier add range ipv6netmask [advertise | noadvertise] [inter-prefix | nssa]


Configures a range of IP addresses in an OSPFv3 area to be aggregated.

Syntax Description

area_identifier Specifies an OSPFv3 area, a four-byte, dotted decimal number.
ipv6netmask Specifies an IPv6 address / prefix length.
advertise Specifies to advertise the aggregated range of IP addresses.
noadvert Specifies not to advertise the aggregated range of IP addresses.
inter-prefix Specifies aggregate, inter-area-prefix LSAs.
nssa NSSA LSAs.


No OSPFv3 inter-area-prefix LSAs are configured.

Usage Guidelines

If advertised, the aggregated IP range is exported as a single LSA by the ABR.


The following command is used to summarize a certain range of IP addresses within an area and export them out as a single address to area

configure ospfv3 area add range 2aaa:456:3ffe::/64 advertise inter-prefix


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 11.2.

Platform Availability

This command is available on platforms with an Advanced Edge or Core license as described in the Feature License Requirements document.