New topicconfigure ssh2 secure-mode

configure ssh2 secure-mode [on | off]


This command (secure-mode on) will disable the weak ciphers and macs in SSH Server and Client.

Syntax Description

on Enable all supported algorithms.
off Enable only compliance algorithms.



Usage Guidelines

After enabling secure-mode:
  • For communication, SSH Server will use a new secure-mode list made each for ciphers and macs.
  • And for SSH Client, EPM will be notified to change the bit dedicated to SSH secure-mode, which will hide the weak ciphers and macs from SSH Client CLI commands.


configure ssh2 secure-mode on 

show management
CLI idle timeout                 : Disabled
CLI max number of login attempts : 3
CLI max number of sessions       : 8
CLI paging                       : Enabled (this session only)
CLI space-completion             : Disabled (this session only)
CLI configuration logging        : Enabled
CLI password prompting only      : Disabled
CLI RADIUS cmd authorize tokens  : 2
CLI scripting                    : Disabled (this session only)
CLI scripting error mode         : Ignore-Error (this session only)
CLI persistent mode              : Persistent (this session only)
CLI prompting                    : Enabled (this session only)
CLI screen size                  : 24 Lines 80 Columns (this session only)
CLI refresh                      : Enabled
Telnet access                    : Enabled (tcp port 23 vr all)
                                 : Access Profile : not set
SSH access                       : Enabled (Key valid, tcp port 22 vr all)
                                 : Secure-Mode    : On
                                 : Access Profile : not set
SSH2 idle time                   : 60 minutes
Web access                       : Enabled (tcp port 80)
                                 : Access Profile : not set
Total Read Only Communities      : 1
Total Read Write Communities     : 1
RMON                             : Disabled
SNMP access                      : Enabled
                                 : Access Profile : not set
SNMP Compatibility Options       :
    GETBULK Reply Too Big Action : Too Big Error
    IP Fragmentation             : Disallow
SNMP Notifications               : Enabled
SNMP Notification Receivers  : None
SNMP stats:     InPkts 0       OutPkts   0       Errors 0       AuthErrors 0               
                Gets   0       GetNexts  0       Sets   0       Drops      0
SNMP traps:     Sent   0       AuthTraps Enabled
SNMP inform:    Sent   0       Retries   0       Failed 0


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS <release>.

Platform Availability