configure tunnel ipaddress

configure tunnel tunnel_name ipaddress [ipv6-link-local | {eui64} ipv6_address_mask ]


Configures an IPv6 address/prefix on a tunnel.

Syntax Description

tunnel_name Specifies an IPv6 tunnel.
ipv6-link-local Specifies the link-local address for a tunnel.
eui64 Specifies an EUI64 interface identifier for the lower 64 bits of the address.
ipv6_address_mask Specifies an IPv6 address / IPv6 prefix length.



Usage Guidelines

This command will configure an IPv6 address/prefix route on the specified tunnel.

6to4 tunnels must follow the standard address requirement. The address must be of the form 2002:IPv4_source_endpoint::/16, where IPv4_source_endpoint is replaced by the IPv4 source address of the endpoint, in hexadecimal, colon separated form. For example, for a tunnel endpoint located at IPv4 address, the tunnel address would be 2002:a14:1e28::/16. In hex, 10 is a, 20 is 14, 30 is 1e and 40 is 28.

6in4 tunnels have no restrictions on their address format or prefix allocations.



This command does not work for GRE tunnels. The following error message is displayed:
Error: IPv6 addresses can not be configured on GRE type tunnels!


The following example configures the 6in4 tunnel "link39" with the IPv6 link-local address:

configure tunnel link39 ipaddress ipv6-link-local


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 11.2.

Platform Availability

This command is available on the platforms listed for the IPv6 interworking feature in the Feature License Requirements document..