configure vrrp vlan vrid add track-ping

configure vrrp vlan vlan_name vrid vridval add track-ping ipaddress frequency seconds miss misses


Creates a tracking entry for the specified IP address. The entry is tracked using pings to the IP address, sent at the specified frequency.

Syntax Description


Specifies the name of a VRRP VLAN.


Specifies the VRID of the target VRRP instance. To display the configured VRRP router instances, enter the show vrrp command.


Specifies the IPv4 or IPv6 address to be tracked.


Specifies the number of seconds between pings to the target IP address. The range is 1 to 600 seconds.


Specifies the number of misses allowed before this entry is considered to be failing. The range is 1 to 255 pings.



Usage Guidelines

Adding an entry with the same IP address as an existing entry causes the new values to overwrite the existing entry's frequency and miss number.


The following command enables ping tracking for the external gateway at, pinging every 3 seconds, and considering the gateway to be unreachable if no response is received to 5 consecutive pings:

configure vrrp vlan vlan-1 vrid 1 add track-ping frequency 3 miss 5


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 10.1.

Platform Availability

This command is available on platforms that support the appropriate license. For complete information about software licensing, including how to obtain and upgrade your license and which licenses support the VRRP feature, see the Feature License Requirements document.