disable inline-power legacy slot

disable inline-power legacy slot slot


Disables the non-standard (or capacitance) power detection mechanism for the specified slot.

Syntax Description

slot Disables non-standard power detection for specified slot on a modular switch.



Usage Guidelines

This command disables the non-standard power-detection mechanism on the switch or specified slot. Legacy PDs do not conform to the IEEE 802.3af standard but may be detected by the switch through a capacitance measurement.

However, measuring the power through capacitance is used only if this parameter is enabled and after an unsuccessful attempt to discover the PD using the standard resistance measurement method. The default for legacy is disabled.

The reason legacy detection is configurable is that it is possible for a normal (non-PoE) device to have a capacitance signature that causes the device to be detected as a legacy PoE device and have power delivered to it, potentially causing damage to the device.

On a stack if you do not specify a slot number, the command operates on all active nodes. This command operates only on nodes in the active topology.


The following command disables capacitance detection of PDs on slot 3 of a modular switch:

disable inline-power legacy slot 3


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 11.1.

Platform Availability

This command is available on the BlackDiamond 8000 series modules listed in Extreme Networks PoE Devices. It is available on SummitStack when the stack contains Summit family switches listed in Extreme Networks PoE Devices.