disable ipforwarding ipv6

disable ipforwarding ipv6 [ {vlan} vlan_name | vlan vlan_list] | tunnel tunnel_name | vr vr_name}


Disables routing for one or all interfaces. If no argument is provided, disables routing for all interfaces on the current VR or VRF.

Syntax Description

vlan_name Specifies an IPv6 configured VLAN.
vlan_list Specifies a VLAN list of IDs.
tunnel_name Specifies an IPv6 tunnel.
vr_name Specifies a VR or VRF.



Usage Guidelines

When new IPv6 interfaces are added, IPv6 forwarding is disabled by default.

Extreme Networks switches have a single hardware control per VLAN for IPv6 forwarding of IPv4 and IPv6 unicast packets. Therefore, enabling IPv6 forwarding on a VLAN also enables IPv4 hardware forwarding on that VLAN.


The following example disables forwarding of IPv6 traffic for a VLAN "accounting":

disable ipforwarding ipv6 vlan accounting


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 11.2.

Platform Availability

This command is available on the platforms listed for the IPv6 unicast routing feature in the Feature License Requirements document.