enable sys-health-check

enable sys-health-check slot slot


Enables backplane diagnostic packets on the specified slot.

Syntax Description

slot Specifies the slot to participate in sending backplane diagnostic packets.


Polling is enabled, backplane diagnostic packets are disabled.

Depending upon your platform, when enabling diagnostic packets, the following defaults apply:
  • BlackDiamond 8800 series switches—The system health checker tests the data link every 5 seconds for the specified slot.

Usage Guidelines

Configure the system health checker with guidance from Extreme Networks Technical Support personnel.

The system health checker tests I/O modules and the backplane by sending diagnostic packets. By isolating faults to a specific module or backplane connection, the system health checker notifies you of a possible hardware failure.

System health check errors are reported to the syslog. Syslog output includes the slot number where the problem occurred, the loopback packet ID number, and a notification that the MSM/MM did not receive the last packet. If you see an error, please contact Extreme Networks Technical Support.



Enabling backplane diagnostic packets increases CPU utilization and competes with network traffic for resources.

The system health checker continues to periodically forward test packets to failed components.

To configure the frequency of the backplane diagnostic packets on the BlackDiamond 8800 series switches, use the configure sys-health-check interval command.

Displaying the System Health Check Setting

To display the system health check polling setting on the switch, use the following command:

show switch

As previously described, polling is always enabled on the switch, which is why you see the system health check setting as Enabled. The following truncated output from a BlackDiamond 8810 switch displays the system health check setting (displayed as SysHealth check):

SysName:          TechPubs Lab
SysName:          BD-8810Rack3
SysContact:       support@extremenetworks.com, +1 888 257 3000
System MAC:       00:04:96:1F:A2:60
SysHealth check:  Enabled
Recovery Mode:    None
System Watchdog:  Enabled


The following command enables backplane diagnostic packets on slot 6:

enable sys-health-check slot 6


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 10.1.

Platform Availability

This command is available only on modular switches.