show counters vr

show counters vr {vpn-vrf-name}


Displays statistics information about VPN VRF operation.

Syntax Description

vpn-vrf-name Specifies the name of a VPN VRF.



Usage Guidelines

This command displays counters that show:

  • The total number of IP unicast and multicast routes.
  • Route add operation count.
  • Route delete operation count.
  • Routes dropped count.


    The total route count displayed for this command can exceed the total route count displayed by the show iproute command because the show iproute command displays either unicast or multicast routes, but not both.

This command is supported only on VPN VRFs.


The following example displays the counters for VPN VRF "red":

Switch.19 # show counters vr red
Num of Current Routes: 4            Num of Routes Dropped: 0
Num of Route Add:      12           Num of Route Del:      6
Num of Current Routes: 10           Num of Routes Dropped: 0
Num of Route Add:      5             Num of Route Del:      2


This command was introduced in ExtremeXOS 15.3.

Platform Availability

This command is available on all platforms.