show fip snooping counters

show fip snooping {vlan} vlan_name counters


This command shows the number of FIP frames snooped per type.

Syntax Description


FCoE Initialization Protocol.


Snooping FIP frames.


Name of the VLAN for which the counters are shown.


Number and types of FIP frames snooped on the VLAN.



Usage Guidelines

The command shows the number of FIP frames snooped per type.


BDX8.62 # show fip snooping vlan v1 counters

VLAN : v1

FIP Frame type                                       Snooped
---------------------------------------------------- ----------
Solicited Discovery Request                                   0
Unsolicited Discovery Request                                 1
Solicited Discovery Advertisement                             1
Unsolicited Discovery Advertisement                          12
Fabric Login (FLOGI)                                          1
FLOGI Accept                                                  1
FLOGI Reject                                                  0
NPortID Virtualization Fabric Discovery (NPIV FDISC)          5
NPIV FDISC Accept                                             5
NPIV FDISC Reject                                             0
Fabric Logout (FLOGO)                                         0
FLOGO Accept                                                  0
FLOGO Reject                                                  0
Exchange Link Parameters (ELP)                                0
ELP Accept                                                    0
ELP Reject                                                    0
ENode Keep-alive                                             11
VN_Port Keep-alive                                            6
Clear Virtual-link                                            0
VLAN Request                                                  0
VLAN Notify                                                   0
Unknown FIP Frame Type                                        0

BDX8.63 #


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 15.1.

Platform Availability

This command is available on the Summit X770.