show mirror

show mirror [mirror_name | mirror_name_li] | [all | enabled]


Displays various show output for mirror instances.

Syntax Description

mirror_name Displays the mirror name.
mirror_name_li Displays mirror instance name for Lawful Intercept account only. You must have lawful intercept user privileges to specify this variable.
all Displays all mirror instances.
enabled Displays only enabled mirror instances.



Usage Guidelines

Use this command to display mirror statistics and determine if mirroring is enabled or disabled on the switch.


The following command displays switch mirroring statistics:

show mirror all   
Mirror MyDebugMirror (Disabled)       
    Description: This mirror sends traffic to PC-based Wireshark       
    Mirror to ports: 4-5 Loopback port: 6
  Number of Mirroring filters:7       
  Mirroring filters configured:             
    Port number 7 in all vlans  (ingress)           
    Port number 8 in vlan Default  (ingress-and-egress)           
    Port number 9 in all vlans   (egress)           
    Port number 10 in all vlans   (ingress-and-egress)           
    Port number 11 in vlan Default    (ingress) 
    Port number 12 in vlan Default    (ingress)           
    Port number 13 in vlan Default    (ingress)       
    Active ACL target action:  Yes        

Mirror DefaultMirror (Enabled)       
  Description: This mirror is used for debugging VRRP       
  Mirror to port: 15 is up       
  Number of Mirroring filters:1       
  Mirroring filters configured:             
    Port number 17 in vlan to_oslo  (ingress)      
  Active ACL target action:  Yes  

The following example displays output for a lawful intercept user session:

* show mirror       
DefaultMirror   (Disabled)       
    Description:    Default Mirror Instance, created automatically       
    Mirror to port: -       

law_mirror   (Enabled)       
    Description:    user for lawful intercept       
    Mirror to port: 3       
    Source filter instances used :  2           
        Port 7, all vlans, ingress only           
        Port 8, all vlans, ingress only       

main_mirror   (Enabled)       
        Mirror instance for Admin       
        Mirror to port: 2       
        Source filter instances used :  1           
        Port 10, all vlans, ingress only       

Mirrors defined:          3   
Mirrors enabled:          2 (0 with egress filters)   
HW filter instances used: 3 (Maximum 128)


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 15.3.

The mirror_name_li variable was added in ExtremeXOS 15.3.2.

Platform Availability

This command is available on all platforms.