show power budget

show power budget


Displays the power status and the amount of available and required power on a modular switch.

Syntax Description

This command has no arguments or variables.



Usage Guidelines

Use this command to view detailed information about the amount of power available on the switch.

This status information may be useful if the show slot command displays a state of Powered OFF for any I/O module, for monitoring power, or for power planning purposes.

The first table of the command output displays:
  • Slot number of the power supply.
  • Current state of the power supply. Options are:
    • Empty—There is no power supply installed.
    • Power Failed—The power supply has failed.
    • Power Off—The power supply is off.
    • Power On—The power supply is on.
  • Watts and voltage amounts of the power supply.
  • Redundant power information. Redundant power is the amount of power available if power to one PSU is lost. If a switch has PSUs with a mix of both 220V AC and 110V AC inputs, the amount of redundant power shown is based on the worst-case assumption that power to a PSU with 220V AC input is lost.
The second table of the command output displays:
  • Slot number and name of the component installed in the slot. Options include:
    • I/O modules.
    • MSMs/MMs.
    • Fan trays.
  • Current state of the module. Options include, among others:
    • Empty: There is no component installed.
    • Operational: The component is installed and operational.
    • Present: The component is installed but not operational.
    • Down: The module is installed, but the administrator has taken the module offline.
    • Power ON: There is sufficient system power to power up the module.
    • Powered OFF: There is insufficient system power to keep the module up and running, or there is a mismatch between the module configured for the slot and the actual module installed in the slot.
    • Booting: The module has completed downloading the software image and is now booting.
    • Initializing: The module is initializing.
  • Watts and voltage amounts of the modules.
  • Power Surplus or Power Shortfall.
    • If the amount of available power meets or exceeds the required port, the excess is displayed as the Power Surplus.
    • If the available power is insufficient to meet the required power, the deficit is displayed as Power Shortfall.
  • Redundant power information. If the amount of redundant power meets or exceeds the required power, the system has (N+1) power.
    • Yes—The system has redundant (N+1) power.
    • No—The system does not have redundant (N+1) power.

    The information contained in this display is for planning purposes since the system operates without redundant power as long as a power surplus is shown. However, if power is lost to a single PSU when the system is not redundant, I/O modules are powered down. Please refer to the section Understanding Power Supply Management in the ExtremeXOS User Guide.

Depending on the software version running on your switch, the modules installed in your switch, and the type of switch you have, additional or different power information may be displayed.


The show power budget command displays the distribution of power and the available power on the switch. This display will appear on the BlackDiamond X8 switch as follows:

BD-X8.36 # show power budget
PS  State                                at 48V
1   Powered On                          2500.00
2   Powered On                          2500.00
3   Powered On                          2500.00
4   Powered On                          2500.00
5   Powered On                          2500.00
6   Powered On                          2500.00
7   Powered On                          2500.00
8   Powered On                          2500.00
Power Available:                       20000.00
N+1 Redundant Power Available:         17500.00
N+N Redundant Power Available:         10000.00
Note: Input Power Sources should be split among
PS groups A (1-4) and B (5-8) for best redundancy.
Slots     Type             State         at 48V
Slot-1    BDXA-10G48X      Operational   439.00
Slot-2    BDXA-10G48X      Operational   439.00
Slot-3    BDXA-10G48X      Operational   439.00
Slot-4    BDXA-10G48X      Operational   439.00
Slot-5    BDXA-10G48X      Operational   439.00
Slot-6    BDXA-10G48X      Operational   439.00
Slot-7    BDXA-10G48X      Operational   439.00
Slot-8    BDXA-40G24X      Operational   759.00
FM-1      BDXA-FM20T       Operational   479.00
FM-2      BDXA-FM20T       Operational   479.00
FM-3      BDXA-FM20T       Operational   479.00
FM-4      BDXA-FM20T       Operational   479.00
MM-A      BDXA-MM1         Operational   199.00
MM-B      BDXA-MM1         Operational   199.00
FanTray-1                  Operational   249.00
FanTray-2                  Operational   249.00
FanTray-3                  Operational   249.00
FanTray-4                  Operational   249.00
FanTray-5                  Operational   249.00
Power Required:                         7391.00
Power Allocated:                        7391.00
Power Surplus:                         12609.00
N+1 Redundant Power Supply(s) Present?:     Yes
N+N Redundant Power Supply(s) Present?:     Yes
BD-X8.37 #


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 11.0.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) data (inline power) was added to the output in ExtremeXOS 11.1. PoE data is displayed when you install a G48P module in a BlackDiamond 8800 series switch.

Redundant (N+1) power information was added to the output in ExtremeXOS11.1.

Platform Availability

This command is available only on modular switches.