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show virtual-network { vn_name | vxlan vni vni | vlan vlan_name }


Use this command to show the virtual networks that have been created.

Syntax Description

vn_name Alphanumeric string indentifying the Virtual Network.
vxlan Display VXLAN Virtual Networks.
vni A unique 24-bit Virtual Network Identifier that is used in the VXLAN header to encapsulate tenant frames.
vni Virtual Network Identifier value between 1 and 16777215.
vlan VLAN.
vlan_name Name of the tenant VLAN.



Usage Guidelines

When no option is specified a summary output of all virtual networks is displayed. The user also has the option to query the switch using the virtual network name, VXLAN VNI or the tenant VLAN name. With each of these options detailed information about the virtual networks is displayed.


* X670-G2-72x.1 # show virtual-network
Virtual Network Name      Tenant VLAN Encap ID Encap Flags
MyVirtualNetwork1         vlan101 VXLAN 10000 -DX
MyVirtualNetwork2         vlan102 VXLAN 20000 -DX
Encap Flags: (C) Remote Endpoints Configured,
(D) Remote Endpoints Discovered,
(X) Exclude Tag
Total number of Virtual Networks: 2
Local Tunnel Endpoints: (VR-Default)


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 21.1.

Platform Availability

This command is supported on the Summit X770, X670-G2 standalone, and stacks with X770 and X670-G2 slots only.