Text Conventions

The following tables list text conventions that are used throughout this guide.

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Notice Icons

Icon Notice Type Alerts you to...
../Graphics/hand.gif General Notice Helpful tips and notices for using the product.
../Graphics/32x32_note_icon_new.png Note Important features or instructions.
../Graphics/32x32_caution.svg Caution Risk of personal injury, system damage, or loss of data.
../Graphics/32x32_warning.svg Warning Risk of severe personal injury.
../Graphics/New_Command_extremegreen2.png New This command or section is new for this release.
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Text Conventions

Convention Description
Screen displays
This typeface indicates command syntax, or represents information as it appears on the screen.
The words enter and type When you see the word “enter” in this guide, you must type something, and then press the Return or Enter key. Do not press the Return or Enter key when an instruction simply says “type.”
[Key] names Key names are written with brackets, such as [Return] or [Esc]. If you must press two or more keys simultaneously, the key names are linked with a plus sign (+). Example: Press [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Del]
Words in italicized type Italics emphasize a point or denote new terms at the place where they are defined in the text. Italics are also used when referring to publication titles.