UI Overview

A high level walk through of the ExtremeGuest Essentials user interface.

ExtremeGuest Essentials uses an adaptive user interface that changes the navigation interface based on the layout of the browser window it is viewed on.

On a wide browser window, the ExtremeGuest Essentials navigation menus are displayed at the top of the user interface. These options are:
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User Interface in Standard View

When the browser window is wide enough a system navigation tree displays on the left of the user interface. Filter the information displayed by selecting regions or individual sites from the navigation tree. The information in the main window updates when a new region or site is selected.

On a narrow browser, such as a phone or tablet, the menu displays as three horizontal lines. Selecting the lines produces a pull down navigation menu with the following items:

The ExtremeGuest Essentials user interface supports the following user roles:
The admin user has full control of the ExtremeGuest Essentials system and access to all configuration items. This guide is written for admin users.