Introduction to ExtremeGuest Essentials

ExtremeGuest Essentials is a robust and comprehensive guest management and engagement solution that personalizes engagement by understanding customer behavior and interest, and then tailor services based on those insights. For example, knowing how many customers enter a store, how often they visit, and how much time they spend are all metrics that can be measured through ExtremeGuest Essentials.

ExtremeGuest Essentials can take advantage of social networking behavior to increase patronage, expand brand exposure, and understand client demographics and preferences in a more comprehensive and personal way. Guest onboarding with sponsor approval is supported, allowing a sponsor to approve or deny guest access with a single click.

Navigate to the ExtremeCloud IQ Dashboard and select the Guest icon. The ExtremeGuest Essentials Overview launches in ExtremeCloud IQ.

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ExtremeGuest Essentials Overview View in ExtremeCloud IQ

Select the More Insights button at the top right corner of the Overview to launch ExtremeGuest Essentials and open the ExtremeGuest Essentials Dashboard.