FMBeaconManager Delegate Methods

Below is a list of beacon delegate methods defined in FMBeaconManagerDelegate:

  • didRangeBeacons

    Returns all ExtremeLocation beacons in range of the user.

    - (void)beaconManager:(FMBeaconManager *)manager
          didRangeBeacons:(NSArray *)beacons             inRegion:(FMBeaconRegion *)region;

  • didEnterRegion

    Invoked when a user walks within range of a new ExtremeLocation beacon.



    This is one of two methods that get invoked even when a user does not have your app running and comes within range of an ExtremeLocation beacon. Thus, it is extremely powerful. If you push a notification and the user clicks it, then your app starts running. If they do not click on the notification, you get approximately five seconds of processing time before your app goes back to not running again.

    -(void)beaconManager:(FMBeaconManager *)manager
          didEnterRegion:(FMBeaconRegion *)region;

  • didExitRegion

    Invoked when a user walks out of an ExtremeLocation beacon‘s broadcast range. Usually there is about a 30 second delay to determine that the user is completely out of range and not hovering on the beacon‘s boundary.



    This is the second method that gets triggered even if your app is not running.

    -(void)beaconManager:(FMBeaconManager *)manager
           didExitRegion:(FMBeaconRegion *)region;

  • bluetoothDidSwitchState

    When a user‘s Bluetooth is disabled, this method will get invoked. This is a good place to present an alert to request that the user enables Bluetooth.

    - (void) bluetoothDidSwitchState:(CBCentralManagerState)state;

  • locationServicesFailedWithError

    When a user‘s location services are disabled entirely or disabled for your app, this method will get invoked.

    - (void) locationServicesFailedWithError: (NSError *)error;