Introduction to the Industrial Switches Command Reference Guide


This user guide describes the commands and parameters of the Command Line Interface (CLI) as implemented in the current version of Extreme Networks ISW Series Industrial Switches software. These commands are used to set up, administer, and maintain the system.


The guide is intended for Operating personnel.

Pre-required Knowledge

You must be familiar with the:

  • Basic operations of Industrial Switches.
  • Security and activity monitoring constraints that limit how a command is implemented.

Access to Hardware Interface

Access to the hardware interface is by a terminal (or computer with terminal emulation software). Requirements for the terminal are:

  • RS-232 ASCII port
  • Selectable transmission baud rate
  • Full alphanumeric capability
  • Selectable odd/even or no parity check
  • Connecting to ISW Ethernet port (RJ45 Ethernet port)
  • Key-in the command under Telnet: telnet
  • Login with default account and password:

    Username: admin

Password: [none]