lldp med


See parameters.


Name Description
datum Datum (geodetic system) type
  • nad83-mllw: Mean lower low water datum 1983
  • nad83-navd88: North American vertical datum 1983
  • wgs84: World Geodetic System 1984
fast Number of times to repeat LLDP frame transmission at fast start

<v_1_to_10> : <1-10>

location-tlv LLDP-MED Location Type Length Value parameter
  • altitude: Altitude parameter
  • elin-addr: Emergency Location Identification Number (e.g., E911 and others), as defined by TIA or NENA.
  • Latitude: Latitude parameter
  • Longitude parameter
media-vlan-policy Use the media-vlan-policy to create a policy, which can be assigned to an interface

<Index : 0-31> : Policy id for the policy which is created