show snmp


show snmp
show snmp access [group_name {v1 | v2c | v3 | any} {auth | noauth | priv}]
show snmp community v3 [community]
show snmp host [conf_name] [system] [switch] [interface] [aaa]
show snmp mib context
show snmp mib ifmib ifIndex
show snmp security-to-group {v1 | v2c | v3} security_name]
show snmp user [username engineID]
show snmp view [view_name oid_subtree]


Name Description
access access configuration
group_name Group name
any any security model
v1 v1 security model
v2c v2c security model
v3 v3 security model
auth authNoPriv Security Level
noauth noAuthNoPriv Security Level
priv authPriv Security Level
community Community
community Specify community name
host Set SNMP host's configurations
conf_name Name of the host configuration
aaa AAA event group
interface Interface event group
switch Switch event group
system System event group
mib Management Information Base
context MIB context
ifmib IF-MIB
ifIndex The IfIndex that is defined in IF-MIB
security-to-group security-to-group configuration
security_name Security group name
user User
username Security user name
engineID Security Engine ID
view MIB view configuration
view_name MIB view name
oid_subtree MIB view OID. Valid values are 1 – 255.