Case 4: ACL for ToS

For Type of Service (ToS) ACL (Access Control List), it can filter on (1) source IP address with ToS type , or (2) destination IP address with ToS type, or (3) both, or (4) both not (just filter ToS). When it filters on both IP address, packets coincident with both rules will take effect. In other words, it does not do filter if it only coincident with one rule.

If you want to filter only one directional IP address, the other IP address must be set to all zeroes. It means don‘t care portion. The detail testing, please refer to case 1 MAC ACL above.

Valid Values: Precedence: 0-7, ToS: 0-15, DSCP: 0-63

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Value 7 is reserved and set to 0.

  • Pre (001) means 1
  • Pre (100) means 4
  • ToS (00010) means 1
  • ToS (10000) means 8
  • DSCP (000001) means 1
  • DSCP (100000) means 32