Other PoE Parameters

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PoE Power Supply For being able to determine the amount of power the PD may use, it must be defined what amount of power a power source can deliver. Valid values are in the range 0 to 240 Watts.
PoE Mode The PoE Mode represents the PoE operating mode for the port.
  • Disable: PoE disabled for the port.
  • Enable: Enables PoE for the port.
  • Schedule: Enables PoE for the port by scheduling.
Operation Mode The Operation Mode represents the PoE power operating protocol for the port.
  • 802.3af : Sets PoE protocol to IEEE 802.3af.
  • 802.3at : Sets PoE protocol to IEEE 802.3at.
PoE Priority The Priority represents the port's priority. There are three levels of power priority named Low, High, and Critical.
The priority is used in the case where the remote devices require more power than the power supply can deliver. In this case the port with the lowest priority will be turn off starting from the port with the highest port number.
Maximum Power The Maximum Power value contains a numerical value that indicates the maximum power in watts that can be delivered to a remote device.