Reserved Power Determination

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There are three modes for configuring how the ports/PDs may reserve power:

Class Mode In this mode each port automatically determines how much power to reserve according to the class the connected PD belongs to, and reserves the power accordingly. Five different port classes exist and one for 4, 7, 15.4 or 30 Watts.
Allocated Mode In this mode, you allocate the amount of power that each port may reserve. 
The allocated/reserved power for each port/PD is specified in the Maximum Power fields.
LLDP-MED Mode This mode is similar to the Class mode expect that each port determine the amount power it reserves by exchanging PoE information using the LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) protocol and reserves power accordingly. If no LLDP information is available for a port, the port will reserve power using the class mode.


For all modes: If a port uses more power than the reserved power for the port, the port is shut down.