Connecting the Ethernet Interface (Fiber)

For both 100/1000 Mbps fiber speed connections, the SFP slots are available. The SFP slot accepts the fiber transceivers that typically have an LC connector.

The fiber transceivers have options of multimode, single mode, long-haul, or special-application transceivers.

Prepare a proper SFP module and install it into the optical port. Then you can connect fiber optics cabling that uses LC connectors or SC connectors (with the use of an optional SC-to-LC adapter) to the fiber optics connector.

Refer to LED Status Indicators for the normal operational LED status.

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Fiber optics cable with LC duplex connector
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Connect the optical fiber to the SFP socket
Never attempt to view optical connectors that might be emitting laser energy.

Do not power up the laser product without connecting the laser to the optical fiber and putting the cover in position, as laser outputs will emit infrared laser light at this point.