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This page shows the MAC addresses secured by the Port Security module. Port Security is a module with no direct configuration. Configuration comes indirectly from other modules: the user modules. When a user module has enabled port security on a port, the port is set-up for software-based learning. In this mode, frames from unknown MAC addresses are passed on to the port security module, which in turn asks all user modules whether to allow this new MAC address to forward or block it. For a MAC address to be set in the forwarding state, all enabled user modules must unanimously agree on allowing the MAC address to forward. If only one chooses to block it, it will be blocked until that user module decides otherwise.

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Object Description
MAC Address & VLAN (Virtual LAN) ID The MAC address and VLAN ID that is seen on this port. If no MAC addresses are learned, a single row stating No MAC addresses attached is displayed.
State Indicates whether the corresponding MAC address is blocked or forwarding. In the blocked state, it will not be allowed to transmit or receive traffic.
Time of Addition Shows the date and time when this MAC address was first seen on the port.
Age/Hold If at least one user module has decided to block this MAC address, it will stay in the blocked state until the hold time (measured in seconds) expires. If all user modules have decided to allow this MAC address to forward, and aging is enabled, the Port Security module will periodically check that this MAC address still forwards traffic.

If the age period (measured in seconds) expires and no frames have been seen, the MAC address will be removed from the MAC table. Otherwise a new age period will begin.

If aging is disabled or a user module has decided to hold the MAC address indefinitely, a dash (-) will be shown.

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