Navigating the Web Interface

All main screens of the web interface can be reached by clicking on hyperlinks within the four main menu headings:

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Title Bar Icons
../Graphics/help_icon.png Help Button For more information about any screen, click on the Help button on the screen. Help information is displayed in the same window.
../Graphics/save_small.png button If any unsaved change has been made to the configuration (by you during this or a prior session, or by any other administrator using the web interface or the Command Line Interface), a Save icon appears in the title line. To save the running configuration to the startup configuration:
  1. Click on the Save buton. The System/Save and Restore screen appears.
  2. Click Submit next to the Data Control Action drop-down list on top of System/Save and Restore screen.

Ending a Session

To end a session, close your web browser. This prevents an unauthorized user from accessing the system using your user name and password.